Why markets matter

Market trader

Informal and animated, markets invite us to explore new products, experiences and ideas, and to cement our relationships with the places where we live, work and visit.

They provide variety and diversity, history and character, they are an expression of communities and help build a strong sense of local identity.

Markets represent more than a transactional purchase. Inherently social, they enable people to buy goods and services from others in their community, they are also great hubs where people from all backgrounds and ages can socialise and connect.

Markets, in other words, aren’t just places for buying and selling things, but also for meeting people, exchanging ideas, or to have a go at launching and building a business.

For traders, markets are the original business incubators; as an accessible open workspace they offer a unique, low-risk opportunity for people to test business ideas and learn new skills. For many people they also provide the initial step into employment and open routes to different types of work.

A platform for great ideas to become great businesses

Derby Market Hall will offer budding businesses owners a platform to launch their ideas and dreams without requiring the covenants and big deposits that corporate landlords often demand.

This will include space for those just starting out to ‘give it a go’ and grow; pop-up retail opportunities and an incubator environment for progressive startups, online only businesses and visionary side-hustlers to get their products in front of consumers with very low risk.