Criteria for our partners and traders

Market trader

To distinguish which brilliant businesses will be a part of Derby Market Hall, we have devised criteria which will guide our offer.

Brands and partners will be prioritised for their environmental and social impact, offering a model for meaningful local retail.

What do we mean by ‘meaningful?

Being more sustainable and ethical is a work in progress for us all. For now, here is our simple definition of what ‘meaningful’ retail means to us:

01_ Local

We encourage the use of locally sourced product, natural produce and ingredients and supporting local enterprises from diverse backgrounds. Offering environmental and health benefits by encouraging people to shop locally (and sustainably) and providing fresh food produce. Empowering local networks and supporting local independent businesses and supply chains, where the benefits (whether economic or social) are feeding straight back into the local community. Whilst we want our food offer to be authentic and grounded in cultural traditions of our traders, we encourage where possible the use of locally sourced, natural ingredients.

02_ Sustainable

The word ‘sustainability’ gets thrown around a lot in retail these days, but our basic definition is this: reducing continued over-production, through promoting and offering products that are designed to last and have been made or sourced from materials and using manufacturing methods that have a lesser or neutral carbon and water impact.

03_ Ethical

Another buzz word. Here’s what it means for us: we prefer brands that exist for a purpose greater than profit, donate to charity, support their communities or aim to have a positive social impact in some way. We advocate products and produce that have been manufactured in a supply chain where workers are paid a fair wage.

We want Derby Market Hall to be accessible to all. For those businesses that fall do not currently hit our criteria we have business development programmes available to help improve your eligibility.